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• 60 capsules
• Servings per container: 60
• Serving size: 1 capsule



ANDRO FREAK™ is a cutting-edge testosterone booster formulated with two unique complexes that help optimize the male hormonal system while supporting weight management goals.

  • Features the clinically studied ingredient PRIMAVIE®, a patented form of shilajit
  • The only test booster on the market using highly purified PRIMAVIE®
  • Clinically proven to optimize testosterone levels to promote testosterone synthesis and increase sperm count.
  • Balances healthy hormone levels and reduces stress hormones.
  • Strengthens cardiovascular health – including lower blood pressure.
  • Decreases muscle soreness and boosts exercise performance by increased production of nitric oxide.
Key Benefits

Hormonal support
ANDRO FREAK™Features the clinically studied ingredient PRIMAVIE, a patented form of shilajit. It’s the only form of shilajit proven to support optimal testosterone levels, nitric oxide production and cardiovascular health.                   

Additional hormonal support
Vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2 are all important vitamins that play a key role in hormone production and, more specifically, testosterone synthesis. Having low levels of these vitamins has been associated with hormone imbalances in the body, not to mention fatigue and depressed mood.

Weight management support
CH-19 sweet red pepper extract and Green coffee bean (GCB) are featured in our cutting-edge formula to support a boost in fat burning. CH-19 can increases thermogenesis and dissipate energy as heat instead of it being stored as fat.c GCB can modulate fat metabolism by helping fat cells release free fatty acids to be burned off.

Key Ingredients

PRIMAVIE® Patented Shilajit 
ANDRO FREAK delivers a highly purified form of shilajit called PRIMAVIE, which is derived from layers of rocks in the pristine Himalayan mountains. This patent- protected compound is standardized to deliver 60% fulvic acid, the key compound responsible for its testosterone-boosting and health- promoting properties.

L-theanine is a unique free-form amino acid with anti-catabolic support properties. Research studies suggest that oral administration of L-theanine can support healthy alpha wave production in the brain and support the reduction of catabolic stress hormones.

Resveratrol is known for its potent antioxidant properties. Many athletes use this compound to support healthy hormone levels.

Clinical Backup

PRIMAVIE® Shilajit Study Summary                   

  • 28 infertile men, 

  • 90-day open study 

  • 100 mg of PRIMAVIE® shilajit taken twice daily


  • Improvement in total sperm count (+61.4%).

  • Decrease in sperm MDA content (-18.7%), a marker of oxidative stress 23% increase in total testosterone.

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